Tillandsia Houston

The Tillandsia houston is a stunning plant that is a cross between a T.stricta and a T.recurvifolia. The T. houston exhibits the best characteristics of both parent plants. T. stricta gives it its fast-growing rosette shape, and T. recurvifolia gives it its attractive silver color. When in bloom, the Tillandsia houston features smooth silvery leaves with purple highlights. Let’s not forget about those blossoms! Beautiful cotton candy colored blossoms with delicate white flowers are produced by these fellas. Houston air plants may get fairly big, and if they’re left to grow after multiplication, they can form some amazing clumps! Because of their distinct color, spectacular blossoms, and shape, these plants are ideal for decorating.


Bright filtered light is preferred, and higher light levels are tolerated as humidity increases. If grown outdoors in full sun, silvery-leaved varieties (e.g. Xerographica, Harissii) will quickly burn in an un-shaded greenhouse or near un-shaded glass in a sunny room or conservatory. Indoors in a bright spot, they may require daily misting or weekly soaking. Read more about how Summer Sun affects your air plants. The optimum light is full spectrum fluorescent. Plants should be 36″ or less from fluorescent tubes.



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Tillandsia Houston
Tillandsia Houston


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