Tillandsia Ionantha Ball Clump

A garden that is digged by everyone. It is native to Mexico, Costa Rica, and South America. It can live in a dryer climate with regular spraying. Ionantha clones, hybrids, and cultivars vary greatly in their characteristics. Ionantha Mexican, Ionantha Rubra, Ionantha Fuego, Ionantha Peanut, Ionantha Victoriana, Ionantha Rosita, and more! Ionantha has green and silver leaves. The leaves enlarge and darken as the plant matures. Ionantha blooms with red/pink leaves, which makes this cultivar stand out. The plant blooms again, finally producing a stunning flower. Most Ionantha tillandsias have blue/purple stems with yellow or white blossoms. This plant’s Ionantha blossom is a show-stopper.


Subject Tillandsia lonantha in indirect light. And they do well under fluorescent lights, making them good office plants. Spray plants twice a week until completely moist. Or you can run them under warm water in the sink. NON-SOAK THEM. Leap plants upside down to drain excess water Standing water at the leaf base rots it. Expose them to moderate to high relative humidity (50%) or higher. Drought causes brown leaf tips. Use a humidity tray, cool-mist room humidifier, or spritz the plants with tepid water.


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