Tillandsia schiedeana “Minor”

Bornean Tillandsia schiedeana is found in Venezuela and Colombia. It is a saxicolous species that thrives among rocks and cacti. On the steep dry slopes of semi-arid regions at elevations ranging from 0 to 1750 meters. This plant has more trichomes than typical air plants and can handle more sun and less water. It has long, thin, velvety green/purple leaves that interweave to produce a stunning clump. Blooming cherry red flower spikes with yellow blooms.


Tillandsia schiedeana prefers shade in the summer afternoons. This species dislikes direct sunlight, especially if the air is dry. In the summer, cultivate it in partial shade. Temperature range: 10 to 32°C. This air plant requires high to moderate humidity. Aeration is essential, as is rapid drying (in less than an hour). Water twice a week in the summer and once a week in the winter. Obviously, rain qualifies as watering if you grow it outside.


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Semi Circle Clump, Full Circle Clump, A Small Hanging Plant


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