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The Dancing Lady Orchid - Oncidesa Goldiana

The Dancing Lady Orchid – Oncidesa Goldiana

Let’s talk about this gorgeous year-round bloomer, the Oncidesa Goldiana aka. Golden Shower. This is a hardy plant that does well in the tropics, and over here in Singapore at our nursery, it just keeps blooming! The Oncidesa Goldiana (1940) or locally better known as the Dancing Lady Orchid is a hybrid between Gomesa flexuosa × […]

Artificial Orchids

Artificial Orchids

Our artificial orchids are crafted from a special type of Japanese clay that has moisture retention. As such they feel soft to the touch with texture almost identical to real orchids even in aircon environment unlike normal clay orchids. Artificial orchids are ideal for indoor tabletop decors for restaurants and cafe. Aside from artificial clay orchids, […]