New Orchids in Bloom

We have about 15 varieties of new orchids that started flowering this November and updated in our giftshop. Post will be updated with a couple more pictures when cataloged.

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  1. dear sir

    i want to import orchids flask such as dendrobium /vanda/phanelopsis

    could you please help me and advise me

    want to know the cost and mode of sending to Mauritius


  2. Hi Sandhya,

    We got your inquiry through email and have replied.


  3. Hello

    Do you know where I could get some dyed blue dendrobiums for my wedding on the 18/11/13 our supplier has let us down!


  4. Hi Shireen,

    You should be able to get them off your local florist? You may also purchase blue food dye from the convenience stall and try dyeing them yourself. =)


  5. Hi,

    I’m a big fan of Oncidium and I have planter area on 9th floor that is facing direct west. Could I do it with Oncidium? Any extra care other than the normal that I should take note?


  6. Hi Jim,

    First of all, you will have to go for tropical Oncidiums. Oncidium requires about 50% shade to grow well. If there’s too much sunlight, the leaves will get sun burned. Although Oncidiums can take more water than Dendrobiums, always make sure not to overwater the plant. This is very common for many home growers and it leads to basal root rot. As a rule of the thumb, only water when the media is completely dry off after each watering. Do not water when it rains.


  7. may I asked if i can buy online?

  8. hi I am from Trinidad and can you email me the procedure for importing orchids as cattleya, oncidiums, vandas and dendrobiums. thank you

  9. Hi Lisa,

    You will need to check with your local plant protection authorities as to what documents are required for bringing the orchids into your country. After which you can let us know which documents are required. E.g. phytosanitary certificate, CITES, any other documents etc.


  10. Hi Gretchen,

    Yes, you can purchase our orchids online from our giftshop menu above.


  11. hey i would like to plant dendrobium orchid in a pot and would like to keep it in my room, beside the window….there will be normal sunlight coming by tht place is tht possible for it to grow at that condition ?

  12. Hi Shan,

    Yes, try going for mini Dendrobiums.
    They should flower well under those conditions.

    You may also try Brassavola hybrids or Brassocattleya, Brassolaelia kind of hybrids, Vandoritis etc.
    They are small and compact and flower well under the conditions that you’ve mentioned too.



  14. Yes, please write in to our email [email protected]

  15. I just bought an orchid plant in the market. It has no potting medium and is just growng from a plastic pot with a wire for hanging. However roots are hanging down from the plastic pot. How do I take care of this plant as I am a beginner.

  16. Hi Penny,

    It depends on what kind of orchids it is to take care of it properly.
    Kindly refer to our orchid care section for more information.


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