Orchids for Mother's Day 2013

Orchids for Mother’s Day 2013

The cool weather early May brought about a good season for Vandas and Mokaras orchids in time for Mother’s Day this year. Below are some of our local terete Vandas that are in bloom. Terete Vandas are one of the easiest orchids to grow in Singapore if you have a garden. These orchids loves the sun […]

Fragrant Orchids in the heat

Fragrant Orchids in the heat

Fragrant orchids like the Vanda Mimi Palmer x Vanda tessellata hybrids has been in bloom in our nursery for two weeks now. Compared to previously cultivated Vanda Mimi Palmer and Vanda tessellata, these new hybrids have brighter colours and a shiny textured flowers. These fragrant orchids also emit a strong jasmine fragrance, like the parent plants, […]

Dendrobium Lucian Pink

Dendrobium Lucian Pink “Splash”

Back in 2009, I’ve written an entry describing the various type of splash orchids found in our nursery. Splash orchids occurs from mutations. They cannot be mericloned as clones will revert back to the original colour. Thus, the usually the only way to replicate them is via slow manual process of vegetative propagation. Below are […]