Ascocenda & Vascostylis and more

Ascocenda & Vascostylis and more

Ascocenda and Vascostylis can be relatively compact plants. These can take between 50% to 100% sunlight. For those living in high rise dwelling, these Ascocenda and Vascostylis will be good choice for hanging along windows or balcony. Many varieties that were crossed with Ascocentrum (now know as Vanda) produces very free flowering and raceme with […]

Orchids for Mother's Day 2013

Orchids for Mother’s Day 2013

The cool weather early May brought about a good season for Vandas and Mokaras orchids in time for Mother’s Day this year. Below are some of our local terete Vandas that are in bloom. Terete Vandas are one of the easiest orchids to grow in Singapore if you have a garden. These orchids loves the sun […]