Mandai Orchid Garden, setup by British lawyer John Laycock in the 1950s, was once Singapore’s oldest and largest commercial orchid garden. The original garden consist of a spacious showroom concept at the frontal portion to showcase the various hybrids with intensive production being carried out further upslope.

Since its inception, Mandai Orchid Garden has always been a specialist in the hybridization of Vandaceous orchids and thus many large, colourful and homegrown Vanda hybrids can be found here. A good number of  the hybrids they grow are also named after influential historical characters such as David Marshall, Chief Minister of Singapore (1955) and Tan Hoon Siang, descendant of Tan Tock Seng and founder of his hospital.

Coming this new year 2011, the garden will be shutdown for the expansion of the zoo, thus putting to an end to its 60 years operation. In an effort to preserve hybrids produced by this heritage garden, TG bought over a good number of the Garden’s hybrids with plans for further development of selective hybrids.

Attached below are some hybrids from Mandai Orchid Garden.


Seems that there’s been some misconception and we’ve been getting several calls and emails calling us Mandai Orchid Garden. Note that Toh Garden did not take over Mandai Orchid Garden. We’ve purchase part of their orchids prior to its closure to preserve these heritage orchids. These heritage orchids are limited quantity and not available in large quantity unless its produced to order. If you are a hobbyist or collector, you can still drop by our farm to purchase the plants.

*This entry was backdated.
**Photos courtesy of Hedrick Kwan, ex-Curator of Mandai Orchid Garden.

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