Mandai Orchid Garden

Mandai Orchid Garden, setup by British lawyer John Laycock in the 1950s, was once Singapore’s oldest and largest commercial orchid garden. The original garden consist of a spacious showroom concept at the frontal portion to showcase the various hybrids with intensive production being carried out further upslope.

Since its inception, Mandai Orchid Garden has always been a specialist in the hybridization of Vandaceous orchids and thus many large, colourful and homegrown Vanda hybrids can be found here. A good number of  the hybrids they grow are also named after influential historical characters such as David Marshall, Chief Minister of Singapore (1955) and Tan Hoon Siang, descendant of Tan Tock Seng and founder of his hospital.

Coming this new year 2011, the garden will be shutdown for the expansion of the zoo, thus putting to an end to its 60 years operation. In an effort to preserve hybrids produced by this heritage garden, TG bought over a good number of the Garden’s hybrids with plans for further development of selective hybrids.

Attached below are some hybrids from Mandai Orchid Garden.


Seems that there’s been some misconception and we’ve been getting several calls and emails calling us Mandai Orchid Garden. Note that Toh Garden did not take over Mandai Orchid Garden. We’ve purchase part of their orchids prior to its closure to preserve these heritage orchids. These heritage orchids are limited quantity and not available in large quantity unless its produced to order. If you are a hobbyist or collector, you can still drop by our farm to purchase the plants.

*This entry was backdated.
**Photos courtesy of Hedrick Kwan, ex-Curator of Mandai Orchid Garden.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m a lecturer with the School of Life Sciences and Chemical Technologies of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I am currently teaching the second year students Plant Breeding and Genetics. I’m wondering if Toh Garden or Mandai Orchids conducts guided tours? I am keen to bring my students for a field trip to look at some of the hybridised orchids that these nurseries have successfuly bred.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.

    Nashita Mustafa

  2. Hello Nashita Mustafa,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We are Toh Garden. Yes we do offer short guided tours. Kindly write in to us at [email protected] so that we can further discuss and better understand what you need for your field trip.

    Thank you.


  3. Hi i would like to bring my Primary school
    science student for your guided tour n probably if u
    can conduct lab works on genetics science will b great.
    And may be we might able to collaborate for ongoing tours.


  4. Hello Kelvin,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Yes we do offer short guided tours. Kindly write in to us at [email protected] so that we can further discuss and better understand what you need for your guided tour. Yes we can further discuss and collaborate for ongoing tours.

    Thank you.


  5. hi:
    I live in Taiwan,can you presentation suitable for cut flowers plant?

  6. Hi Huang,

    Please contact us via [email protected] for cut flower quotation.


  7. Hi,

    I’d like to enquire whether you allow pre wedding photoshoot inside the garden?

  8. Hi Sarina,

    We are a commercial orchid farm.
    You may wish to consider having your pre-wedding photoshoot at the National Orchid Garden instead?


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  10. Hi

    Would like to enquire if u provide wedding cum solemnization package? If yes, could u email us the packages n if its available on 1.3.14.



  11. Dear Lingling,

    We do not provide wedding cum solemnization package. We are a commercial orchid farm. For rental of wedding venues related to orchids, you may wish to try Burkill Hall within the National Orchid Garden @ the Singapore Botanic Garden. =)

    More information can be found here:


  12. I am from Malaysia .Am I able to buy entrance ticket through net?
    pls. do advise me asap.

  13. Dear Manugaran,

    We do not collect entrance ticket here at our farm.
    You can visit us directly.


  14. Hi

    Do u have any course for orchid??
    I would like to attend. I’m a beginner.

    Me Me

  15. Hi Me Me,

    Yes, we have workshops organized by OSSEA (Orchid Society of Southeast Asia), there’s a min pax of 20 per workshop. If you are a orchid hobbyist, why not join OSSEA instead? They have monthly meeting on the first Sunday every month at Singapore Botanic Gardens where you can learn more about growing different kinds of orchids.


  16. Hi its so nice to see your gorgeous display of various beautiful orchids…..what are your prices, and probably your bank account number, please.

  17. Dear Scholly, you can purchase from our webpage under giftshop, for export please write in to [email protected]

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  19. Hello Silverelf of Toh Garden. I am interested in the Vanda Mandai Poppet, and would like to make a purchase of the plant or cutting. Please quote me the price per plant or cutting. By the way, is this plant a free flowering orchid? Thank you.

    Have a good day,
    Mrs. Anand’

  20. Dear Mrs Anand,

    Papilionanda Mandai Poppet is available at $30 each. It is sold by plant cutting.
    We have a new hybrid that blooms more frequently, Papilionanda Ernest Chew (Papilionanda Mandai Poppet x Vanda coerulea)

    Thank you.


  21. Hi
    I was sorry to learn of the demise of Mandai Orchid Garden. You may be interested to know that I visited the Garden back in 1963 when I as a young man attending the World Orchid Conference. Sadly, I am probably the only one still alive of the many delegates who attended that Conference!! Would you believe we were unable to visit and see the orchid collection in the Singapore Botanical Gardens, I can not recall the reason why? I must say that Singapore has changed somewhat?? But I have fond memories of my visit and the wonderful hospitality shown by the locals. The only disappointment was I had purchased two copies of the Conference Report, but I never received them.
    Kind regards
    Jack Pickford

  22. Hi Jack,

    We still continue growing some of the old collection from Mandai Orchid Garden, I do believe that they are still displayed when they are in bloom at the Botanical Gardens too. The orchid garden in Singapore Botanical Gardens should be open daily, don’t worry you will have a chance the next time you visit Singapore. =) I’m sorry to hear about that, you can try contacting the WOC via their website, I’m sure they will be glad to send you the two copies of the conference report.


  23. how will I pay for the orchid, please provide me the catalogue.

    thank you

  24. Dear Janet,

    You can pay by credit card or TT.
    Kindly email us for oversea orders.

    Thank you.


  25. Dear Silvereft,
    I am interested in orchid plant seedlings in flasks or community pots. Do you sell these? If yes, pls send me your price list.


  26. Hi Eva,

    Yes, we do.
    Please write in to our sales team ([email protected])


  27. Hi,

    I used to work with Mandai orchid garden many years ago before their closure on orchid hybridisation.

    Does TG conduct workshops for students on orchid hybridisation?


  28. Hi Kerin! We do not have workshops on orchid hybridisation at the moment but it is possible to do one. How many students will there be and how soon to do you need the workshop? Kindly email us at [email protected] for urgent queries so we can respond to you sooner.

  29. May I know what is the address?
    How much is the parking rate there?

    Thank you & Good day

  30. Hello Liz,

    You can find a map to us here
    There’s no parking fee.


  31. Do you still sell the orchids from Mandai Orchid Garden?

  32. Hi yes we do

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