Upcoming Orchids in Bloom

Vandoritis Hao Xiang Ni was created by a Singaporean hybridizer, Chua Hong Hor, and registered in 2005. The name “Hao Xiang Ni (好想你)” translates to “I Miss You” in Chinese.  This is a compact hybrid, influenced by its ancestry from Doritis pulcherrima, that’s easy to grow and blooms frequently in our hot and humid climate. There are several variations of this orchid as the plants were germinated from seedpod.

The cuttings of Renantanda Mandai Ruby and Vanda Mandai Poppet that we’ve acquired last year has bloomed early this June. We are also starting to observe another collector orchid, Vanda T.M.A. “Red” putting out its first flowers. This orchid will likely be more readily available coming July.

The orchids above will be available in our list of orchids for sales from this June/July 2012.

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  1. Hi, I bought 2 pots of Hao Xiang Ni but I noticed that the flowers have begun to wilt and drop off soon after blooming. I water everyday and they are in the morning sun. I also have some dendrobiums with similar problem. Please advise, thanks!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    For Papilaenopsis Hao Xiang Ni, each stalk of flower should last about 2-3 months. Its normal for the bottom flowers to wither off but it should continue to bloom at the top of the stalk if you place them within reach of sufficient sunlight. Also do not water the plants everyday if your environment doesn’t dries up the water fast. Make sure that the media is completely dried before you proceed to water again. Fertilize twice a week. For Dendrobiums, the flowers should last about a month. You’ll have to wait for the next flowers after that. You may refer here for fertilizing instructions. https://tohgarden.com/orchid-care/fertilizers/


  3. Hi, how much of sunlight does a Hao Xiang Ni need? Can it do well in afternoon sun (from about 3 pm onwards)?

  4. Hi Arlene,

    Papilaenopsis Hao Xiang Ni can take 50% to 80% sunlight.
    Yes, it can do well in afternoon sun with some shade.
    Its quite a flexible plant and flowers easily in our climate.
    The flowering period of each stalk can last up to 3 months.
    Old blooms will wither from the bottom of the stalk and new flower should continue flowering from the apex of each stalk if the plant is well taken care of.


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