Vandoritis Hao Xiang Ni was created by a Singaporean hybridizer, Chua Hong Hor, and registered in 2005. The name “Hao Xiang Ni (好想你)” translates to “I Miss You” in Chinese.  This is a compact hybrid, influenced by its ancestry from Doritis pulcherrima, that’s easy to grow and blooms frequently in our hot and humid climate. There are several variations of this orchid as the plants were germinated from seedpod.

The cuttings of Renantanda Mandai Ruby and Vanda Mandai Poppet that we’ve acquired last year has bloomed early this June. We are also starting to observe another collector orchid, Vanda T.M.A. “Red” putting out its first flowers. This orchid will likely be more readily available coming July.

The orchids above will be available in our list of orchids for sales from this June/July 2012.

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