Dendrobium Lucian Pink "Splash"
Dendrobium Lucian Pink “Splash”

Back in 2009, I’ve written an entry describing the various type of splash orchids found in our nursery. Splash orchids occurs from mutations. They cannot be mericloned as clones will revert back to the original colour. Thus, the usually the only way to replicate them is via slow manual process of vegetative propagation.

Below are some pictures of the unstable splash mutation from the second batch of clones that turned white. Some of the splashes did show up after all.

We’ve been vegetatively propagating Dendrobium Lucian Pink “Splash”, the most floriferous among the 5 varieties for 2 years, from the few plants that we hold. This year, we are able to release a limited quantity of 10 plants for sale. Plants are to be self collected and is only available directly from our nursery subjected to availability.

Here are some of the upcoming blooms for the month of April 2013. =)

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