Spatulatas: The Curly Dendrobiums

Multiple Spatulata Hybrids

Multiple Spatulata Hybrids

Spatulatas (Dendrobium Lasianthera), originate primarily from Papua New Guinea, Eastern Indonesia and variably across Southeast Asia and the west Pacific Islands. Their originating sources are frequently from pristine, undisturbed forest. Spatulatas orchids are very colourful and resilient Dendrobiums and can grow to a large majestic size as seen in the photo above. Spatulatas do very well in full sunlight.

Compared to Phalaenopsis-Type Dendrobiums, which are artificially selected for cut flower production, Spatulatas are more ideal as a potted plant as their flowers can last from one to three months when left intact. It is not unusual to find Spatulatas with more than 3 colours/tones. Spatulatas are also fully compatible for hybridizing with Phalaenopsis-Type Dendrobiums.

Next up, we will be introducing more on Spatulata hybrids x Dendrobium Phalaenopsis hybrids.

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