Orchid & Plant Arrangements

Looking for orchid and plant arrangements to brighten up someone’s day? Looking for a housewarming gift? Check out our new range of orchid and plant arrangements for order! =)

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  1. Hello Mr Toh, I am looking to start a collection of catasetums in my balcony here in singapore. Can you advice where I can purchase them. Thank you.

    Regards Paul

  2. Hi Paul,

    Its likely you’ll have to get them during orchid shows or pre-order them.
    I don’t think catasetums are produced locally, however we are able to offer you the following varieties;

    Ctsm tenebrosum
    Ctsm tenebrosum x Ctsm pileatum
    Cyc. Jumbo Puff
    Cyc. Wine Delight
    Cyc. Mass Confusion
    Ctsm. planiceps


  3. Hi

    All the orchid plants ranging SGD 25 , does it includes flowers already? Like it is a blooming orchid plant?


  4. Hi Jralen,

    Yes, they are blooming plants.
    If plants are not in bloom, we will inform you prior to sending the orchids to you.


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