Splash mutations are well sought after by many collectors and hobbyist as they occur very rarely, maybe one plant in a thousand of non-mutants. Splash mutations are mostly unstable mutation and can only be propagated vegetatively to reproduce more of them. Thus, their rare occurence and difficulty to reproduce augmented their value as collectibles.

If you were to tissue culture one of these mutation, its very likely (based on our experiences) that the non-mutant form will be reproduced. Although for some, there’s a chance of obtaining a very small percentage of the tissue cultured crops with splash mutations.

Here at TG, we’ve been trying to stablise the splash mutation by hybridizing splash with splash for a few years. Theoretically, we believe that if the resultant seedpod produces splash progenies, the chance of the progenies being capable of being tissue culture with retained splash characteristics will be much higher. However the chances of producing such a crossing would probably be extremely slim.