A resilient paphiopedilum
A species of resilient cypripedium

This year, the recession as well as heat wave (due to change in climate) have affected growers worldwide. In a way, the heat wave increased production rates in some countries like taiwan, while caused substantial damages to crops in the lower hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, some nurseries had their plants burnt by the searing heat and wind. Here in Singapore, we experienced some high temperature of up to 36°C just a couple of weeks ago and some strong winds that damaged our nursery nettings. Well repairs are in process and almost completed. The flowering season of orchids are likely to be affected too.

I’ve been busy lately with mails of supplier’s quotation for orchids and thus unable to make any post of late. At the moment, I’m still compiling catalogues of

Nice colours isn't it?
Nice colours isn't it?

temperate orchids offered by suppliers all over. There some really nice orchids, like the one on the left, that I’ve never seen in Singapore, coming from taiwanese suppliers.  To date, only the Cymbidiums catalogue‘s ready. The file is almost 30mb in size due to the amount of pictures inside, so do be patient downloading it. 🙂

For those who have signed up for our mailing list, thanks! I will probably only be updating on a quarterly basis or when there are special offers and not spam updates like facebook’s. 😛