Yesterday our office was filled with a pleasant sweet scent of bunches of Aeridachnis Bogor ‘Apple Blossoms’. This hybrid of (Arachnis hookeriana x Aerides odorata) and was registered by Rev.M.Yamada on the 1st January, 1967 and had a shortlived period in the export history of Singapore. These flowers was initially exported to Australia for the floral auction markets in the 1980s but was phased out shortly as it wasn’t very free flowering.

Aeridachnis Bogor ‘Apple Blossoms’ has a very unique sweet and mild scent, almost similar to that of some rhynchostylis or aerides, but with much longer and larger sprays. The flower themselves start with an apple green from initial budding and matures to a pure white colour with a tinge of pink revealing across its lips. These flowers are very suitable for use as tabletop flower/wedding arrangements as it spruce up the surrounding environment with its unique scent.

As the season for this Aeridachnis is coming to a close shortly, the flowers were all harvested. Do let me know if any of you are interested in this orchid and I will contact you during its next flowering season, however orders will be limited as we currently only have a relatively small stock of these plants. We only sell the cut flowers of this plants at the moment.