This Christmas, we are adding some miniature orchids books to our giftshop, a good Christmas gift for those who love orchids. 😉 These two volume of miniature orchid species, published by Redfern Natural History Production, comprises of more than 500 different species of miniature orchids across 120 genera, and presents a richly illustrated insight into the very finest lithophytic and epiphytic miniature orchids. The focus is not only on species with remarkable flowers but also on many species that are grown for their striking leaves and vegetative forms. Each species includes its nomenclatural and etymological information, guide to cultivation and information on its habitat, conservation status and convergence with other orchids. There’s an extensive coverage with high resolution photos, many which are taken on site of their natural habitats.

Price of each book is £44.98 for unsigned copies and £49.98 for signed copies inclusive of delivery.

These two volumes of miniature orchid books covers the follow genera from A-Z:

Volume 1:

Acianthera, Aerangis, Alamania, Amesiella, Anathallis, Andinia, Angraecum, Ascocentrum, Barbosella, Bolusiella, Brachionidium, Bulbophyllum, Caluera, Campanulorchis, Campylocentrum, Capanemia, Cattleya, Centroglossa, Ceratocentron, Ceratochilus, Ceratostylis, Chiloschista, Christensonella, Chytroglossa, Comparettia, Conchidium, Constantia, Cyrtochilum, Dendrobium, Dendrochilum, Dickasonia, Dinema, Diodonopsis, Domingoa, Dracula, Dresslerella, Dryadella, Drymoda, Epidendrum, Erycina, Fernandezia, Gastrochilus, Gomesa, Grandiphyllum.

Volume 2:

Haraella, Hintonella, Hofmeisterella, Holcoglossum, Homalopetalum, Hymenorchis, Ionopsis, Isabelia, Jumellea, Kefersteinia, Kraenzlinella, Leochilus, Lepanthes, Lepanthopsis, Leptotes, Loefgrenianthus, Macroclinium, Masdevallia, Maxillaria, Mediocalcar, Meiracyllium, Microsaccus, Monosepalum, Mystacidium, Neobathiea, Neofinetia, Oberonia, Octomeria, Oestlundia, Oncidium, Ornithidium, Ornithocephalus, Pabstiella, Panisea, Papillilabium, Pelatantheria, Penducella, Phalaenopsis, Phloeophila, Phymatidium, Platyrhiza, Platystele, Plectrophora, Pleurothallis, Pleurothallopsis, Polystachya, Porpax, Porroglossum, Promenaea, Prosthechea, Psychopsis, Pteroceras, Restrepia, Rhetinantha, Rodriguezia, Saccolabiopsis, Sarcochilus, Scaphosepalum, Schistotylus, Schoenorchis, Specklinia, Stelis, Stenia, Stereochilus, Sunipia, Telipogon, Tetramicra, Thrixspermum, Tolumnia, Trias, Trichocentrum, Trichoceros, Trichoglottis, Trichosalpinx, Trichotosia, TrisetellaZootrophion, Zygostates.

If you appreciate such works like us, please support the authors by getting the signed copies. =) Shipping will take between 2 – 7 working days (average about 3.5days) depending on where you are residing.Here’s a brief estimate:

USA | 2- 4 working days
Japan | 2 – 4 working days
UK | Next working day
Europe | 2 – 3 working days
International | 3 – 7 working days

Shipping is via 1st class priority Air Freight service.

We will also be adding various pesticide/fungicide for home use shortly. There will be both inorganic and organic options.

The climate this year is relatively cooler than usual in most regions probably due to climate change, however I think its just perfect for Christmas here! Wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas!

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