Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese new year sales started early this year. Aside from our usual staple of tropical orchids, this year, we’ve also brought in a several types of flowering Bromeliads. There are also many colourful, fragrant Cattleyas for selection this year.

Orchids and ornamental plants can be selected direct from our nursery. We provide services to transplant your selection of orchids into decorative ceramic pots for Chinese New Year display.

We will be open till 30th Jan 2014 for Chinese New Year sales. Business will resume as usual on the 2nd Feb 2014.

2 Responsesto “Chinese New Year 2014”

  1. Hello — wondering if single potted orchids could be delivered in plastic pots? And if so, what are the sizes of these plastic pots. Additionally, e.g. image displaying the Oncidium Sweet Sugar — how much does the white ceramic pot in the image cost? Thanks!

  2. Hi hrm,

    The orchids are delivered either in clay pots or plastic pots depending on how they are cultivated.
    For Oncidium Sweet Sugar type, they are in plastic pots.
    We will update the prices for the ceramic pots into the giftshop for reference.
    Thank you.


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