Merry Christmas 2015
Merry Christmas 2015

Toh Garden wishes all a Merry Christmas 2015! Found this very old out of print poster recently from a very old farm here in Singapore. This photo was taken some time in the 1970s or 1980s advertising Singapore as probably the most surprising tropical island paradise with two local ladies in the midst of a plantation of Mokara Bibi, a variety of colourful orchid that’s very popular with the locals back then. This variety is however probably lost over the years. Decided to use it for this year’s Christmas poster as I find it rather cool and nostalgic. =P

Below are some orchids planters/bouquet/table pieces that are available for Christmas. Alternatively, if you are visiting our farm, you may select your orchids directly from our crop and have our staff pot them into ceramic pots of your choice to bring home!


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