Singapore Botanic Gardens has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 4 July 2015, being the First UNESCO World Heritage Site in Singapore. In celebration of both the award and the 20th Anniversary of the National Orchid Garden, more than 16,000 orchids were placed on display along the main Tanglin Gate, all the way to the Botany Library, showcasing Botanical Art and Heritage Orchids. For those who missed catching a glimpse of the orchids named after Mr & Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, its a good time to catch both orchids now! Both the orchids are currently in bloom and on display at the heritage orchids exhibits where they can be seen up close together with many varieties of rare heritage orchids of Singapore that were created here in Singapore over the past decades. Admission is free.

Orchid vendors/farmers will also be selling orchids for this weekend at the Orchid Plaza (where the clock towers are) right outside the National Orchid Garden. Do find us there! 😉

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