Let’s spice up this Christmas with some hot lipstick red Orchids!

Renanthera and Aranthera orchids are hardy plants with gorgeous long-lasting blooms. Their cut flowers are unmatched in terms of longevity. They come in reds and yellows.

Prefer a White Christmas instead? Browse our classic white orchid arrangements here.

Elegant Table Top Airplant Holders

Beautifully crafted out of 100% natural wood, these non-toxic air plant holders come in different shapes, styles and sizes to match any interior.

Designs A to F.
Design G
Designs A – G have detachable holders. Now it becomes a cute display piece.

Hanging Airplant Holders / Terrarium Glass Globe

Have a classy Christmas with these high-quality glass orbs. Available in different shapes.

Design I: Hanging 12cm Glass Globe + White Metal Stand ($3)
Design J: Classic 12cm Hanging Glass Globe + Black Metal Stand (+$3)
Design J: Classic 12cm Glass Globe with White Metal Stand (+$3)
Design J: Teardrop Hanging Glass Globe
Design K: Table Top 12cm Glass Globe
Design L: Table Top 12cm Glass Globe with Legs

(Fully Decorated option: Includes air plant, stones, toy accessories. Seashells NOT included.)

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