Tolumnias, used to be called Equitant oncidiums, are true miniatures. Tolumnias are native to the carribean region and usually have flowers not more than 1cm large and looks very much like miniature Oncidiums. Their colour ranges from white to brown, yellow to purple, and thus is also one of the main source of colours of the many Oncidumnia hybrids today. Tolumnias are ideal as tabletop plants due to their small stature and bright colours.

The Tolumnia that we house has a unique characteristic. Their petals changes colours as they mature. Notice that in the pictures, the newly opened petals are yellow, as they mature, the sides of the petals turn orange. Tolumnia with oncidium hybrids also display this characteristic, but differently. It was observed that newly open petals are entirely yellow and gradually turns white as the petal matures in this Oncidumnia hybrid that we grow.

Tolumnias requires high humdity to grow. These plants are suitable for growing in tropical climate, and will do well in high light intensity. Being epiphytic in nature, thus high drainage media like charcoal is recommended. Misting rather than watering would be preferred by these plant, particularly if you intend to keep them indoors. Overwatering may result in leave rot.

Here at TG, we also house a few other varieties of Oncidiums, Tolumnias & their hybrids. Oncidiums has much large, flat, thin and soft leaves, whilst Tolumnias have smaller, succulent, thick and hardy leaves and their hybrids have something in between.