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It’s June! 10% Off All White Phalaenopsis Arrangement!

Let’s beat the heat this June with a 10% discount on all White Phalaenopsis arrangements! Once only enjoyed by aristocrats of the past, the Classic White Phalaenopsis is now affordable by the masses! Wow your family, friends, neighbours, visitors, colleagues and bosses with these spectacular flowers today! Orchid Care Instructions Place indoors near a window or under […]

Tolumnias & Oncidiums

Tolumnias & Oncidiums

Tolumnias, used to be called Equitant oncidiums, are true miniatures. Tolumnias are native to the carribean region and usually have flowers not more than 1cm large and looks very much like miniature Oncidiums. Their colour ranges from white to brown, yellow to purple, and thus is also one of the main source of colours of […]

Aeridachnis Bogor 'Apple Blossoms'

Aeridachnis Bogor ‘Apple Blossoms’

Yesterday our office was filled with a pleasant sweet scent of bunches of Aeridachnis Bogor ‘Apple Blossoms’. This hybrid of (Arachnis hookeriana x Aerides odorata) and was registered by Rev.M.Yamada on the 1st January, 1967 and had a shortlived period in the export history of Singapore. These flowers was initially exported to Australia for the […]