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As part of Singapore Botanical Garden’s 150th Anniversary and year end celebrations, we were cordially invited to be part of the companies/organizations that were invited to decorate 150 Xmas trees in the light up of the “Trees of the World” event.

We diy our own floral version of  tropical snowmen for sprucing up the vicinity around our Xmas tree for this event. The snowman on the left is almost entirely made up of orchid blooms, excluding the eyes, nose, mouth and bow which were made of stone, carrot, chili and foliage (the accessories). The first one was rather shabbily done as it was the first few “prototypes”. And the second picture here on the right is one of the completed final product which is more prim and neat.

It was tedious work just to make one and we made a good mess out of our office but it is definitely gratifying to see how cute the little snowmen turn out to be. =)

Attached below are some pictures of the snowmen in the making.

And finally we proceeded on to decorate our trees.

Xmas Tree Decor in Progress

And the completed Xmas Tree Decor.

Completed Xmas Tree Decor

*This entry was backdated due to our busy schedule.

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