Ajuga reptans (Bugleherb)

Growing Requirements 

  • Ajugas bloom from early spring to mid-July, with the most excellent bloom times in May and June.
  • When fully bloomed, most varieties of Ajuga barely reach a height of 6-9 inches.
  • Ajuga spreads via runners and forms a dense carpet of leaves as it grows along the ground.
  • Because of its vast root system, Ajuga is an excellent plant for erosion management!
  • Ajugas are members of the mint family, and their fast growth rate, like that of other mints, can cause difficulties. 
  • If the invasive nature of Ajuga is a concern, some kind of edging material may be required to keep it within boundaries.
  • Bugleweed may be cultivated in every light condition, from full sun to complete shade.
  • When planted in whole light, the leaves will be smaller, but the plant will produce more flower spikes.
  • Ajuga loves wet soil yet can withstand drought rather well.


Improve soil fertility while the plant is actively developing by scraping some compost into two soil without disturbing the plant’s roots. Then, every 2 weeks, feed the plant a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer. For Growing, diluted at a rate of 1 teaspoon/litre of water.

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