Alocasia Infernalis

The Alocasia infernalis plant has a distinctive moniker. Because of the gorgeous black shine that emerges from the leaves, it’s commonly referred to as “Black Magic.”

To avoid over-and under-watering, the Alocasia infernalis requires fast-draining soil. It also requires direct sunshine and wet soil. Allow the soil to dry before watering it.

This beautiful Alocasia plant produces Oval-shaped leaves. These round leaves have a deep, dark green colour. This is what gives the impression that the leaves are black. It’s not like any other houseplant you’ve ever seen.

An Alocasia infernalis can survive for many years if properly cared for. Then, you’ll be able to show off this plant to all of your friends.

Sunlight: Filtered light  

Water: once or twice a week. Overwatering should be avoided. Each time, water around 100ml of water. Do not water if the soil stays damp.

Fertilizer: Once a week, Too much fertilizer can damage plants; Fertilizer For Growing

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