Alocasia Jacklyn

Light: Indirect Bright

Humidity: 60% up humidity

Original: Indonesia


Alocasia Jacklyn was found only a few years ago, but with her beautiful leaves, she won’t take long to become a well-known plant among Alocasia lovers. Falsely identified as a mutation of Alocasia portei, as well as Alocasia nycteris. Until recently, this plant had not been formally identified. 


This species of Alocasia is native to Indonesia’s Northern Sulawesi, close below the habitat of Alocasia zebrina reticulata. It’s no surprise that the veins within the leaves are nearly identical.


Alocasia Jacklyn, like other Alocasia, prefers a porous, wet medium with good drainage. For most Alocasias, a live moss is a suitable alternative.


Because Alocasia roots require a lot of oxygen, it is critical to keep the bulb above the medium. It will guarantee that the roots have direct access to air, which is important for preventing root rot. Once the root system is satisfied, it will grow aggressively and result in a highly robust plant.


It is also necessary to fertilize Alocasia. Because this is a tuber plant, a high P & K fertilizer “Ezgro Fertilizer For Growing Healthy” will keep it robust and healthy.


Their leaf may decay abruptly owing to environmental changes, but the bulb is generally robust enough to survive. You may put it in moss, make sure it is wet and has an airflow, and wait a few months for it to grow again.


This plant’s leaf may grow up to 80cm in length as it grows size. She will become even more stunningly gorgeous, one of the must-have Alocasia, and a great addition to your landscape.

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