All things grow with love. Saxifraga is a genus of plants that can be found practically anywhere on the planet. The plants usually grow in mounds or creeping mats and produce small blooms. There are over 480 species of the plant, with more being introduced each year by plant enthusiasts and breeders. Rockfoil is a common and easy-to-grow variety. Information about how to cultivate rockfoil plants will make it simple for you to get started with this interesting and diverse collection of plants.


Mulch around plants to retain moisture and prevent weeds from spreading into the plant’s heart. Summer water twice a week. Mulch lightly to keep the roots from freezing in colder climates, but remove in early spring. This prevents new growth from pushing through the mulch. Mossy rockfoil requires no pruning, staking, or human cultivation. Keep an eye out for pests and diseases when caring for Saxifraga. It attracts insects and rots and rusts easily. Avoid overhead watering and treat with fungicide or baking soda spray.


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