Anthurium White

A whiter home is a brighter home; purify any space with these white pearl plants that will instantly add sophistication to your home. Stunning white blooms will give off an abundance of stable growth all year. The favourite visitor, the Anthurium white, is prized for its gleaming green, white, and cheery flask leaves. This will make any home change its hue by its fashionable and romantic arrangements that will compliment any home. 




Nothing attracts attention like a red flower, this Anthurium is well-known to the eyes, yet it remains the most daring of its genus. Like all divas, this one also hates being neglected. With proper spotlight care, it could deliver a surprising lot in exchange for very minute attention. This plant produces fresh blooms throughout the year, so pay it the respect it deserves. 



  • This plant does not require direct sunlight; a proper indirect amount of sunlight would be enough. If not followed, it may cause the leaves to dry out.



  • This plant only asks for water when its soil is 50-70% dehydrated. Pour a large quantity of water into the drain until water begins to escape.



  • This plant mainly requires a temperature around 65-80 F, maintaining air that is not too cool or dry—making its distance to the AC or oven, as this requires humidity. Putting pebbles or a humidifier will help to condition it with its setting. 



  • Even with its beauty, deep inside it are components that are toxic to pets and humans. Ingestion of its leaves can cause skin irritation or vomiting. 



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