Coleus “Fireworks”

Let these plants light not only the sky but also your home or garden with their lush and vibrant combinations. Coleus is one of the most cost-effective plants in the garden. In addition to their multi-colored leaves, these plants have a wide range of leaf sizes as well as overall forms. Adding impatiens to the mix makes for a no-brainer pyrotechnic show. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant, impatiens are your best bet. Its thick foliage helps to keep the soil wet and cool for its brightly colored relatives.


There are a lot of coleus plants on the market now that thrive in full light for most of the day. Cuttings have been used to propagate these newer types. In contrast, the seed-grown variants are better able to cope with shade. The Wizards of the Coast series is only one of many examples. These plants are often seen in the same containers as the bedding annuals. It’s possible that you’ll also discover some newer varieties, such as “Chocolate Mint” and “Cocoa-Covered Cherry,” mixed in among the other container annuals, such as “Kong.” Color variation in plants can be influenced by factors like age, fertilization, temperature, and light exposure.


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