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Azalea indica (Phoenix Tail Form)

Tips for Growing an Azalea Houseplant

Azalea may be grown inside just like any other houseplant, but as with other flowering plants, there are a few things to know about indoor azalea care if you want to keep them blooming year after year.

Many producers export azaleas in transparent plastic sleeves as houseplants. These sleeves are designed to protect the plant during shipment, but they also trap ethylene gas, inducing leaf drop. If you can’t locate a merchant who would remove them, remove them off your greenhouse azalea as soon as you bring them home.

Care of Indoor Azalea

These plants thrive in the understory of tall trees in their natural habitat. They thrive in the indirect, cold sunlight. Azaleas thrive at colder temperatures, ideally between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit (16-18 C.). Cooler temperatures will also extend the life of the blooms. Maintain adequate lighting while keeping them out of direct sunlight. Moisture should be your first concern while caring for indoor azaleas. 

Never let your plant dry out. While watering from the top may be adequate, Don’t allow these plants to dry out under any circumstances. Keep them wet but not soggy, and don’t fertilize them until the blossoming period is through.

Most azaleas’ lives as houseplants are finished once they’ve bloomed because here is when most people toss them away or place them in the spring garden for their leaves, leaving Mother  Nature to do the work with frost the following autumn.

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