Begonia Snow Capped

Begonia ‘Snow Capped’ is a cane-like hybrid that grows quickly and easily. The leaves are oval in form, medium green in colour, and speckled with white dots. This quick grower branches quickly and produces a bushy plant. In bright light, the blooms are pink to rosy pink and dangle in medium-sized clusters. This variety produces a large and lush hanging basket.

This beautiful Angel Wing’s foliage has the most vivid silver patterning of any in our collection. Clusters of rose-red flowers cascade from the tightly coiled leaves, producing a work of art. A controlled growth habit results in a rich appearance that lends itself well to basket cultivation.


Water at the roots only after potting media has dried out completely. Do not allow roots to soak in water. Fertilise with Our fertilizer twice a week.  Fertilizer For Growing & Flowering. 

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Begonia 25cm, Begonia 45cm


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