Bougainvillea Bonsai

Make your little space at home bloom with lush hues and the alluring aroma of flowers. Imagine your favourite bunch of flowers being made into its miniature form. Made up of striking wooden branches stretches the most vibrant colours of Bougainvillea flowers there is. Filled with most colours of the rainbow, its variation is like no other. They could grow at 12 meters long given the warm setting and an ample amount of rain. Care for Bougainvillea bonsai now and make any Little space be a beauty that’s filled with grace. 


This plant needs all the light it could get, best grown outdoors but preventing shade as this will cause low production of leaves and flowers. Do not overwater and utilize pot drainages, this would be best accompanied by nitrogen-rich fertilizers. Re-potting of this plant is optimum during the spring, but it needs to be prepared as it needs to be generously watered two days before the transfer and will then be dehydrated for a day before transferring. The soil that will be its new home should be a combination of sand, pumice, and compost. 


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