Caladium Phoenix

Get ready to rise from the ashes and be gazed at by the presence of large heart-shaped leaves of Caladium, or Elephant Ear Plants, which are planted for their colour and beauty. The “fancy-leaved” and “lance-leaved” cultivars are the most often planted. Red, pink, and white veining or marbled patterns can be found on the leaves of Caladiums up to 24 inches long.


When a Caladium is actively developing, the soil should be damp but never waterlogged. Slowly decrease the amount of water when the Caladium’s leaves begin to die back in the early fall, and the plant enters its resting phase. In addition, a Caladium needs a lot of indirect light.

A Caladium requires a lot of water. Caladiums can be kept on a bed of moist gravel or pebbles; a small humidifier can be placed near the plant, or many plants can be placed together to create a little greenhouse.


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