Hoya Shooting Star

One of the simplest and most prolifically blooming Hoyas! The Shooting Star Hoya is a shrub type Waxflower with vast blooms comprised of white and golden yellow petals that are swept back beyond the whitish cores and seem for all the world like miniature shooting stars as the name indicates. It grows into a tiny shrub with dark green glossy leaves. Allow only cold (early morning or very late evening) or filtered sunlight. For good health and vigour, the Shooting Star Hoya requires high-quality, well-draining soil.


Hoyas (also known as Waxplants or Porcelain Flowers) are simple, gratifying, and long-lasting additions to shady planters for the porch, patio, or windowsill. They require high indirect sunlight and well-draining soil and should be left to dry out between waterings. They demand more water during active development and less throughout the winter. Allow them to sit on a saucer with standing water only if necessary to properly saturate the soil, which should typically take less than an hour. Most Hoyas are twining climbers or trailing plants that may be utilized to good advantage on a small trellis, and they also make lovely examples in hanging baskets. These are simple and rewarding plants that are very hardy and forgiving if you forget to water them. When Hoya’s blossom, they develop a spur from which the waxy flower clusters emerge. Always leave the spurs because they will produce additional flowers from the old triggers and new ones each year. Enjoy!


Grows To: 12-24”H x 8-18”W

Outdoor Light: Light shade, Filtered sun, Cool early morning sunlight

Indoor Light: High Indirect Sunlight, Cool Direct Sunlight (early AM)

pH Range: Acidic, Mildly Acidic

Soil & Moisture: Well-drained, average, moist soils. Never allow to remain soggy wet or sit in standing water.

Flowering Period: Year-round under warm tropical conditions.

Fertilizing: When in growth, usually the warmer months of the year.  Fertilizer For Growing Flowering.

Native To / Origin: Tropical Asia

Note: Please check with us first if you wish to order a blooming plant as the plant might not be in bloom.

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