Philodendron Painted Lady

With vibrant pink petioles (the stalk that connects a leaf to a stem) and chartreuse leaves, Philodendron ‘Painted Lady’ is a striking aroid. As the plant grows, the new leaves unfold bright yellow-green before fading to a deeper mottled green. When grown on a support such as a trellis or moss pole, Philodendron ‘Painted Lady’ loves to climb and produces ever-larger leaves. This cultivar has a lot of flair and will provide a splash of brilliant color to any room.


Heat kills Philodendrons. Wet and cold weather must be avoided. The Philodendron Painted Lady adores tropicals. To fight dry air, employ a humidifier in your house. A gentle spray of the plant also helps. A lot of water on plants attracts harmful insects. These plants require frequent watering, feeding, and insect control. Away from children, they grow slowly. Soak and dry these plants. Basically, water the plants once, then wait until the soil is completely dry or damp. You can use moisture meters or just feel the soil texture. Watering your Painted Lady when the soil is still wet will cause waterlogging, delaying growth and possibly death. This plant prefers mild water.


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