Labisia turtle back

High humidity and low to medium lighting levels are ideal for Labisia plants. Labisia Turtle Back gets its name from its wide leaves with strong contrast colour tones and a beautiful venation pattern. Colours are exaggerated and pop wonderfully in a terrarium, vivarium, or enclosed container garden when placed under LED lighting, making this Labisia a highly sought-after species. For planting recommendations, we recommend high humidity, partial shade, and a mixture of excellent sphagnum or peat moss combined with your choice of bark, perlite, or alternative potting media. Stunted or malformed growth may indicate nutritional shortages, while browning edges indicate a lack of humidity. Because this Labisia gets fairly large, we recommend keeping it in a large tank or enclosure. A common Labisia Ardisia species on the collector’s list of rare vivarium plants!

Genus: Labisia

Tribe: Myrsinoideae

Plant Family: Primulaceae

Origin:  Malesia biogeographical region

Soil Drainage: Well-Drained

Soil pH: Acid

Fertilizer: EzGro NPK “For Growing & Healthy”




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