Hoya Patricia

Hoya Patricia is a cross between Hoya Darwinii and Hoya Elliptica created by Antone Jones. Hoya Patricia appears to be easier to cultivate than its mother, Hoya Elliptica.


A vast collection of epiphytic flowering plants in the genus Hoya, native to Australia, are found mainly in Southeast Asia. Being simple to grow and blossom in our tropical environment, it’s an excellent choice for landscaping. 


Try to keep your Hoyas in a brightly lit area. Faster growth and more flowers can be encouraged by exposing plants to bright sunshine for a few hours each day. Hoyas may rebloom from the same stalk if you don’t remove the flower stalks, which are referred to as peduncles. Hoyas frequently ‘abort’ new flowers and leaves, but this is nothing to be concerned about because they quickly recover. Instead, be sure that the plant is receiving enough light and is not being over or under-watered. Ensure succulent leaves are slightly tender and medium is dry before watering to prevent overwatering.



Light: From deep darkness to a little bright sunlight, it’s all good.

Water: Re-wet if the medium is entirely dehydrated or the leaves have lost their turgidity.

Humidity: Average

Fertilizer: EzGro NPK “For Growing & Healthy”

Propagation: Cutting the stems makes it simple to propagate.

Pets should not be around this.

It’s impossible to compare your plant to another’s since they are all different. Please be aware that the pictures will have some natural variance.

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