Philodendron gloriosum “Zebra”

The Philodendron Zebra has gorgeous tropical foliage. White stripes on dark green oval leaves set this hybrid apart. To make it a very eye-catching and vivacious houseplant, add extra leaves. They fan out from a strong center core. It is a non-climbing, compact variety. Perennial in South American jungles, Philodendron is native to the Americas. A Philodendron as a houseplant is stunning! It is easy to clean and purifies the air. This plant is available year-round as young plants grown from tissue culture.


Indirect light is best. The sun will scorch the foliage. They’ll thrive away from windows. They don’t like damp soil, so only water the top half. Water your gloriosum until it dribbles. Then drain the water to save the plant. Monthly plant feed for spring and summer. Gloriosums love perlite and moist soil. Spring will require a new pot. Give your gloriosum a big pot for side growth. Growing sideways in a large window planter But let it crawl and develop big leaves! 50% is preferable for a gloriosum, but up to 80% is achievable. They require 50% or more. Leaf fungus increases with dampness. Gloriosum prefers temperatures between 18 and 27°C (64 and 81°F) A winter draft can be fatal.


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