Philodendron minima

Plant Size: 50cmH & 70cmH

Philodendron Minima Plant Care

What does the ideal plant resemble? It has lovely split leaves and untamed foliage, all wrapped up in a quick-growing, excellent climbing plant that requires little maintenance. So it’s no surprise that the Philodendron Minima (or Rhaphidophora tetrasperma) has piqued the interest of the plant community; it checks all the boxes. 


As a tropical plant, the Philodendron Minima enjoys a warm and humid climate. Temperatures should be between 18 and 29 degrees.


It prefers indirect light that is mild to bright. To avoid scorching your plant’s delicate foliage, find a location where the sunlight never reaches the leaves.


It prefers moist soil. Water regularly, but let the top 3cm of the soil dry before watering again. Because roots dislike being wet, make sure your container has adequate drainage. During the winter, reduce your watering.


Aside from creating a framework for your plant to climb, you may want to attach a portion of your plant to the structure to direct it. To keep your plant’s leaves clean, place it in the Summer rain or rinse it in the shower on occasion to eliminate any collected dust.


Improve soil fertility while the plant is actively developing by scraping some compost into two soil without disturbing the plant’s roots. Then, every two weeks, feed the plant a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer, such as fertilizer For Growing, diluted at a rate of 1 teaspoon/litre of water.


The Philodendron Minima is toxic and should not be consumed by pets and children.


This plant prefers loose and well-draining soil. Able to hold moisture but is not so dense as to cause root rot.


Yearly, ensure your soil contains enough nutrients, or when the roots appear to have filled the bottom of the pot to give you plant extra space to grow.

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Plant Size

70cmH, 50cmH


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