Philodendron Shangrila

‘Shangri La’ (Philodendron bipinnatifidum) has a unique place in the colorful realm of popular plants. It has a tropical origin and is easy to grow. Ball Ingenuity presents this appealing innovation from the South American rainforests in 2021. It’s a lovely plant that adds a tropical feel to any room.

Its huge, deeply divided lacy leaves on tall, robust stems provide dense, bushy, compact shapes. Lime-green ribs highlight the foliage texture, adding to its appeal. However, this plant is easy to grow and will quickly display its ornamental potential.


Shangri La prefers damp but not soggy soil. From spring to fall, water this plant once a week. From autumn through spring, water only once every 15 days. Shortening the day reduces transpiration, reducing water requirements. ‘Shangri La’ is not used to direct sunlight. So pick a sunny area with lots of filtered, diffused light. The best spots are at the east and west windows, the north window, or the south window. There are particular combinations for Philodendrons and other exotic plants. These substrates are designed for tropical plants. If you can’t find it, mix equal parts all-purpose substrate, peat moss, and perlite. Philodendron ‘Shangri La’ can be cultivated in a shaded area of the garden in temperature zones 9 to 11. In all other climates, it is treated as a houseplant.


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