Sansevieria Cylindrica (Snake Plant)

Don’t be fooled by it venomous aura, as snake plants mean no harm. These well-known plants bring nothing but positive energy. Pleated Dracaena Angolensis (also known as Sansevieria Cylindrica), is an Angolan succulent plant. Unusual and low-maintenance. Long, thin, pointed cylindrical leaves grow vertically on the Spikey variant. Slow-growing and architecturally gorgeous, with proper care and light, the larger plant can reach 50cm and the smaller plant 35cm.


Native to southern Africa, snake plants are well adapted to conditions similar to those in southern regions of the United States. Because of this, they may be grown outdoors for part of all of the year in USDA zones 8 and warmer. However, they spread by sending out underground runners and may become invasive, so treat snake plants like you would bamboo; plant it only in contained areas or pots.

Too much water and freezing temperatures are two of the very few things that can really affect this plant in a significant way. Soggy soil will cause root rot and extended exposure to cold temperatures can damage the foliage.


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