Sansevieria Variegata

Mason’s Congo This snake plant boasts some of the widest and most beautiful leaves of any snake plant. This sansevieria is identified by its tall, almost oval leaves. The big leaves are 4 ft (1.2 m) long and 10” (25 cm) broad. This semi-stunning succulent’s variegation is one of its draws. The bright yellow and pastel yellow stripes complement the dark green leaves. The big blade-shaped foliage will stand out in any room.


This plant can handle the heat, so don’t worry about moving it outdoors for the summer. To avoid scorching its leaves, gradually bring it into the sunshine. Scratches appear as gray or brown spots. Re-water when the potting mix has dried out. The leaves will decay if you water the rosette in the middle. Be careful not to wet the leaves, which will decay. The plant is overwatered if the leaves turn yellow or become soft and mushy. Minimum of 40% relative humidity. Away from air vents or drafts. 65-75°F/18-24°C is a comfortable temperature. Temperatures below 55°F/13°C will damage it.


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