Syngonium Strawberry Ice

It’s the Rolls-Royce of the Syngonium Family, the Strawberry Ice Syngonium; as a result, the leaves of this Syngonium are distinctive and stunning.

Light and water

It’s easy to grow and has a long shelf life. Whether or if they are kept in a sunny or shady, variegated leaves require more light than green-leaved types, at least if the variegated pattern is desired. Despite their preference for a wet growth environment, they can accept dry air quite well. Keeping a Syngonium as a climbing plant requires frequent tying of the stems.

The care is very similar to Philodendron; as long as it contains a suitable quantity of organic material, such as peat and leaf soils, a regular potting mix will do. To grow healthy plants, the soil must be maintained wet but also well-drained. No need to fear if the root ball dries up. In terms of resistance to drying out, the plant has a higher tolerance for

A small amount of food is given every several weeks, Fertilizer for healthy Growing

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