Venus Fly Trap Plant (Dionaea)(捕蠅草)

Get bitten by a plant no bigger than a kitten. Who says that plants only need water and sunlight to thrive? Get vicious, as this plant makes insects look delicious, meet the venus fly trap. Using honey as a lure, it swoops in and eats the insects it attracts. Among carnivorous plants, the Venus Flytrap is the most visually stunning because of the dramatic way it captures its victim. As one of the few plants capable of quick movement, it is able to snap shut to grab even the fastest of insects, a feat that even most people would find impossible! This plant’s vibrant colors and outlandish look never fails to pique the interest of those who see it.


Flytraps get a bad image for being difficult to care for, but the key is to mimic the species’ natural environment as closely as possible. Despite the fact that it can withstand temperatures in the low 40s F, this species favors warmer climates. Carnivorous plants need some humidity, but not as much as other plants.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for more than four or five hours at a time. Venus Planting flytraps in well-draining peat or mossy substrate yields the greatest results. Once they have been watered, allow the soil to dry out a little bit before doing so again.


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