vanda-miss-joquim (Vanda hookeriana x Vanda teres)

This hybrid originates from Agnes Joaquim and registered by Ridley on the 1st December, 1893. This is the national flower of Singapore. To date, there are a few variations to this Vanda. There’s a Vanda Ms Joaquim Josephine and Vanda Ms Joaquim Douglas that were not registered but yet recognized by growers alike. This hybrid has a smooth pinkish tone, and luminously lit flowers under hot sun. It thrive very well under tropical weather, is hardy and require little maintenance. The hybrid was first wrongly recognized as a species until the crossing between Vanda hookeriana x Vanda teres was discovered. As a national¬† flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim represents the multi racial society of Singapore well as a hybrid.

Here at TG, we houses the parent plants of this national flower, the Vanda hookeriana and Vanda teres too. We also grow the variation such as the Vanda Ms Joaquim Douglas and many other Vanda teres hybrids.