Ascocenda and Vascostylis can be relatively compact plants. These can take between 50% to 100% sunlight. For those living in high rise dwelling, these Ascocenda and Vascostylis will be good choice for hanging along windows or balcony. Many varieties that were crossed with Ascocentrum (now know as Vanda) produces very free flowering and raceme with neatly knitted inflorescence at regular intervals as shown.

Here are some other orchids flowering for the first time over the past three months without updates. Vanda Loke (Vanda lamellata x Vanda luzonica) is cultivated from seedpod and thus there are different variations for this variety. For the Coryanthus, its our first time cultivating these variety. They are relatively easy to grow in our climate and easy to propagate. The entire half bench worth were propagated from a single plant that we purchased during the WOC.

Every now and then, we get inquiries on whether we provide services for transplanting multiple pots of orchids into a single planter to be sent as a gift. Yes, we do, however kindly write in stating your requirements (e.g. the variety/colour of orchids, number of plants and type of pot) and we will send you a quotation based on your requirement shortly. Here are some pictures for illustrations.

Last month, we’ve been informed that there’s been taxonomic revision to orchid names on Vandaceous plants. Papilionanthe is now accepted as a separate genus. Ascocentrum is now classified under Vanda. This resulted in changes in genus names as well as creation of new genus names like Papilionanda. Even the name of our national flower is changed to Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim from the former Vanda Miss Joaquim. Other changes include Ascocenda to PapilionandaKagawaara to Renantanda, Yusofara to Holttumara and so on. Nevertheless, here at TG, we will still continue using the traditional taxanomic nomenclature as its has been rather habituated to many of us, but at the same time we will take note of the new classifications. =)

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