Happy Father's Day 2020
Happy Father’s Day 2020

A Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there. Phase 2 re-opening of the orchid farm to public is tomorrow (19th June 2020), just in time for Father’s Day this Sunday! Feeling coop up and stiff after more two month’s of staying home, feel free to drop by the orchid farm for a stretch and a walk with your family before work gets busy next week! Our orchids are bursting with colours after the two months long rejuvenation. 

Having said that, remember to don on masks and scan the SafeEntry QR code to check-in on the gates before entering and leaving the farm. Always practise safe distancing, keep at least one metre apart. This can be easily achieved as the orchid farm is very spacious. 

Online orders are open as usual. Fathers are usually more hands on, thus we recommend getting single pots of orchids from our giftshop for growing for your Dad who enjoys growing orchids. For gifting, we recommending taking a look at our range of Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis and Vandaceous arrangements. 

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