Our very first Instagram photography competition has been won by Laura and family (Daughter: Fransisca Feby & Son-in-Law: Melvyn Phua). If you have missed participating last year, fret not! The competition is ongoing again this year! Yay!! 🙂

Orchid Photography Competition 2018

To qualify;

  1. Capture photos of yourself with our orchids (can be you, family or friends)!
  2. Post your photos to Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #tohgarden2018
  3. Follow our Instagram and Facebook!
  4. Share your photos with 5 friends!
    (Tag 5 friends who absolutely love orchids just like you to share!)
  5. Photos that garners the most likes wins!
    (Yes, its okay to get family and friends to help like your photos)
  6. Winner will be awarded with a $200.00 orchid gift voucher.
  7. Winning entry will be published annually on the 15th Jan.
Orchid Photography Competition Winner 2017
Orchid Photography Competition Winner 2017

Photos credits of Melvyn Phua; Fransisca Feby’s hubby.

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