Mid-autumn 2019 Tropical Orchids and Plants Promotion

The Mid-autumn Festival is just around the corner! We have a new batch of Cattleyas, tropical and fragrant Phalaenopsis violacea hybrids, synogonium podophyllum for you! Special bulk promotion is now ongoing! While stocks last!

Mid-autumn cattleya selection. 1 for $25. Enjoy bulk deal of 3 random cattleya plants for $70.

Cattleya hybrids (Mid-Autumn Festival Selection)
Cattleya hybrids (Mid-Autumn Festival Selection)
Price: $25.00

The Phalaenopsis violacea orchid hybrids produces pleasantly fragrant flowers.

Tropical Phalaenopsis hybrids (Mid-autumn selection 2019)
Tropical Phalaenopsis hybrids (Mid-autumn selection 2019)
Price: $0.00
Select plant :

Synogonium podophyllum

Synogonium podophyllum
Synogonium podophyllum
Price: $35.00

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4 Responsesto “Mid-autumn 2019 Tropical Orchids and Plants Promotion”

  1. Do you have gloxinia tubers for sale

  2. Hello Kausar,

    We do not have Gloxinia tuber for sales.
    We are able to supply and export mature Gloxinia Sylvatica blooming size plants.
    For export, there’s a minimum quantity, kindly write in to [email protected] for more info.

    Thank you.


  3. Check cattleya 3 for 70 which species sold out?

  4. Hello Vincent,

    Its best to drop by to check, most Cattleyas in bloom are sold out at the moment.
    There are many Brassocattleya blooming now though in many colours.
    Brassocattleya blooms more frequently than Cattleya locally.


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