Celebrating 53 years of Nation building

As we usher in another year of independence, let us celebrate this 53rd National Day with some little known ‘Vanda’ Miss Joaquim fact titbits.

Did you know?

The ‘Vanda’ Miss Joaquim is now called Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim.

Most of us cannot stand the hot weather in Singapore but our National flower thrives in the sun and heat! In fact, flowers of ‘Vanda’ Miss Joaquim placed indoors / air-conditioning will start to droop after 2- 3 days! Pop her back into the open and watch her revive!

There is a tiny park in Singapore called the ‘Vanda’ Miss Joaquim Park near Duxton.

The ‘Vanda’ Miss Joaquim played an important role in establishing Singapore’s orchid cut-flower industry in the early 1900s.

The ‘Vanda’ Miss Joaquim hybrids flower all throughout the year, with a notable peak in flowering during April to June (likely following that of its parent, Papilionanthe teres.)


Want to know more about our National Flower? Join the Vanda Miss Joaquim workshop + Orchid Farm Tour this 11th Aug and have fun with friends and family while learning about its glorious past!

Quiz time!

Which of these flowers do the leaves on the right belong to?


Is it:
A) Doritis pulcherrima hybrid
B) Vanda tessellata hybrid
C) Vanda Miss Joaquim hybrid

Stay tuned! The answer to be revealed in our next blog post!


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