Orchid Giftbox
Orchid Giftboxes (Retail Price: SGD$28)

Our new range of orchid giftboxes, ideal as personal or corporate gifts, are available for order today.  Freshly harvested orchids from our nursery in Singapore are packed and distributed daily islandwide. These giftboxes may comprises of different orchid varieties or single variety where preferred.

Our giftbox is specially designed with six floral whorl at the top representing the 5 petals and 1 sepal, a distinctive characteristic of an orchid flower. The back of the giftbox is imprinted with pictures of different varieties of orchids for easy recognition and provides some educative information to tourists who are unfamiliar with them. A woolen handle is attached for easy carrying. Tourist may also use the QR barcode to access our web interface conveniently with their 3G mobile for more information.

As part of our effort to promote Singapore’s orchids overseas, we offer very attractive sales packages for individuals, souvenir shops, cafe and hotels that cater specifically to tourist for promotion of our giftboxes. This includes travel agencies/independent tour guides/business entities that resides locally in Singapore. Interested parties may register here with us. Conditions apply.

For corporate orders, please contact us for corporate rates on bulk purchases.

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